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Saroth Norn
Summer 2024 Newsletter Margaret’s Notesby: C. Margaret TritchHopefully, summer has arrived for you, as it has for us. I am not talking about the Arizona heat, because of course that is here, in full force! My family has had the joyful, but busy graduation season with my eldest daughter, Elena, graduating from university and our...
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On January 4, 2016, the U.S. Attorney General signed ATF Final Rule 41F, Machineguns, Destructive Devices and Certain Other Firearms; Background Checks for Responsible Persons of a Trust or Legal Entity with Respect to Making or Transferring a Firearm (“Rule 41F”), amending the regulations regarding the making or transferring of a firearm under the National Firearms...
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Why Do People Create Gun Trusts and What are They
Gun Trusts are created for estate planning purposes to enable firearms (whether restricted or not) to be passed on outside of probate and to enable restricted firearms to be used by more than one person, legally. Essentially, a Gun Trust is a revocable living trust created to hold legal title to firearms. The trust is...
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