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Trust Attorney Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a reliable trust attorney, Tritch Buonocore Law Firm can help. Our skilled team is here to guide you through managing your assets with different trusts and ensure your investments are handled with care and expertise. This includes a variety of trust types, administering a trust after someone passes away, or simply updating an existing plan.

We will patiently help you decide who will manage the trust for you, who will ultimately receive the assets and all the small details in between. Whether setting up the trust, managing it as a trustee, or waiting to inherit as a beneficiary, we can help navigate your role, your rights and set realistic expectations on timing. We pride ourselves on clear communication that helps our clients whether administering a trust or when we draft a trust to avoid conflicts later on. By working on both the planning and administration sides, it helps us serve our clients and their families better.

 Tritch Buonocore Law is here to help you create trusts or handle the administration of a Trust. Call (480) 525-6244 to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our team has 30 years of experience handling complex trust matters, ensuring you receive premier legal guidance.
  • We understand the importance of your investments and want to help you protect them with a customized plan.
  • Seamless collaboration with trusted professionals in tax, elder law, and related fields.
  • Our dedicated, onsite staff is available to answer your questions and address your concerns every step of the way.
  • As a boutique firm, we foster strong client relationships and provide individualized care tailored to your unique circumstances.

Secure Your Legacy: Top-Rated Trust Attorney Scottsdale

Are you worried about the lengthy probate process in Arizona? Setting up a trust beforehand is a wise move. It ensures your loved ones avoid the emotional and financial burden of probate after you’re gone. Working with a trust attorney in Scottsdale streamlines that process, giving you a much-needed sense of security.

Trust Attorney Scottsdale: Building a Customized Plan for You

Trusts offer many benefits for your loved ones. They can simplify claiming your assets and potentially help them avoid tax penalties. Our skilled trust attorneys go beyond just creating a trust. We manage them, handle the paperwork, and navigate any legalities involved, ensuring a smooth transition for your beneficiaries:


Planning for the Future:

  • Revocable Living Trust – This is the most common type of trust, created while you’re alive to manage assets and avoid probate. You can change it anytime like a “living” document.
  • Irrevocable Trust – Is a permanent transfer of assets, which is usually done for tax or asset protection planning.

Estate Planning Strategies:

  • Trust Modification and Termination – This allows you to update your trust if circumstances change.
  • Generation-Skipping Trust – This trust skips a generation, passing assets directly to your grandchildren, potentially reducing estate taxes.


At Tritch Buonocore Law, you can be assured we don’t make promises unless we’re fully confident in our ability to keep them. If we aren’t well-placed to handle your matter, we have no issues in saying so and providing you a referral. It’s not about saying what you want to hear. It’s about reliably delivering.


The team at Tritch Buonocore Law features uniquely skilled attorneys and solicitors, who are licensed in Arizona, California, and England and Wales. It’s one thing to make claims. But it’s another thing entirely to have the experience to back them up.


We understand that hiring an attorney is an important decision. It’s important to us that we are a good fit for our clients, while recognizing that we won’t always be. We aim to help you achieve your goals and are not deterred by the complexity of your matter or the difficulties you might be facing.

How do Trusts Work in Arizona?

In Arizona, a trust lets you name a trustee to manage your assets while you are alive and then distribute them to your chosen beneficiaries after you pass away.

What are the Requirements for a Valid Trust in Arizona?

A trust needs a Grantor/Trustor/Settlor who creates the trust, a Trustee who manages it, and beneficiaries who receive the assets, which can be the Trustor during their lifetime.

Does a Trust Avoid Probate in Arizona?

Establishing a trust in Arizona protects your assets, whether they be real estate, bank accounts, investments, businesses, and other assets from probate, so long as the assets are titled in the name of the trust.

But there are many issues around different asset classes that require an experienced attorney to talk them through. Contact our team in Scottsdale for more information.

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