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March 9, 2023
On our Estate Planning and Probate Section of the Arizona State Bar there have been discussions with younger lawyers looking for ways to state in their clients’ estate plans that two people consider themselves “life partners” and that this is something more than being single. They are asking is there a middle way between Married...
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Yes, but only if you are both U.S. citizens In the U.S., we have a very favorable tax rule in comparison to many other countries, whereby spouses can inherit from each other with no federal inheritance tax consequences. Currently there is also no inheritance tax in CA or AZ, but other states do impose inheritance...
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Emergency Estate Planning Documents This past year, it is with a heavy heart that I have witnessed different families we know suffer from not having completed estate planning documents.  Half completed estate plan documents do not exist.  They are either completed or they aren’t. There are formalities that such important documents must meet in order...
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