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July 2, 2023
As several of my clients are also fellow landlords, I thought it might be helpful to discuss the moratoriums on evictions that were in place and still are in some states. In the first quarter of 2020, the Federal government issued moratoriums on evictions.  This had a fairly limited effect because it only had jurisdiction...
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Now more than ever, an employer should have an employee handbook, company manual and/or company policies (“Employer Policy”) and review them in light of the remote working environment. Employees need to read those lengthy manuals and emails of “new company policy” and understand that they govern their behavior whether they are in the office or...
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The CDC is the go-to authority and is regularly updating its guidelines and criteria for employers. Complying with its guidance, is not only helpful to all business’ constituents, but provides the employer with a strong defense. It is possible that a negligence claim could be raised by not only employees, but clients, customers, or visitors,...
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